You’ve tried it all

Now learn what works.

If there's a diet, cleanse, or quick-fix program, you've done it. But nothing's ever lasted.

That's because the secret to looking good and feeling great doesn't come out of a box or from a pill. It comes from doing what our ancestors did for thousands of years.

Where To Start

You want to loose weight, have more energy and stop constantly thinking about food, but you don’t know where to begin.

I will give you a clear starting point and a tailor-made road map of how we’ll reach your goals, together.

What To Believe

There’s so much nutrition information out there it can make your head spin. The truth is, every body is different.

I will cut through the noise and give you clarity about your unique body and what is right for you.

A Partner By Your Side

There’s a reason why most diet books don’t work – it’s because you need more than information. You need support, someone to go to when things get confusing or hard.

Got a question? Feeling frustrated? I’m there for you every step of the way.


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Client Praise


Kicking the Sugar Habit

Completing the 21 Day Challenge ended my craving for sweets. With Melissa’s guidance, I was better able to understand the effect sugar had on my body. Now I am empowered to make better food choices, and I feel the positive impact of healthier eating every day thanks to Melissa



Learning about Real Food

Melissa is so passionate about nutrition, she helped me understand how to feed my body real food, without starving and without counting calories. I learned that some foods, while nutritious for some, can be devastating for others. I learned which foods are not right for me and which ones provide me with energy and focus.” 


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